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DO Catalonia

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9 Torelló Viticultors

Torelló Viticultors is a producer of Corpinnat sparkling wines, still wines from the DO Penedès and extra virgin olive oil. Torelló wines and sparkling wines have their origin in the vineyards of Finca Can Martí, which have belonged to the Torelló family since 1395, and which occupy 135 hectares in Alt Penedès.
Our own vineyards, organic cultivation, manual harvesting, vinification on the property and long aging periods define Torelló sparkling wines.

DO Penedès, Corpinnat

Products / tastings

Blanc Tranquille: 2 glups
Footprints: 2 glups

Brut Reserva Costa Daurada: 3 glups

Brut Nature: 4 glups

10 Coca i Fitó

Coca i Fitó is an innovative, dynamic winery and creator of unique wines formed by the brothers Toni and Miquel Coca i Fitó, founded in 2006. We firmly believe in harmony with nature. This is why our entire process, from the cultivation of the vine to the production of our wines, is ecological, respecting and enhancing what the earth offers us.

DOQ Priorat
DO Montsant
DO Terra Alta

Products / tastings

Coca i Fitó Negre 2013: 4 glups
Coca i Fitó Carinyena 2015: 4 glups
Coca i Fitó Grenache 2014: 4 glups

Coca i Fitó Maragda 2017: 3 glups
Coca and Fitó d'Or 2021: 3 glups
Coca and Fitó Rosa 2021: 3 glups
Coca i Fitó Nu 2022: 3 glups
Samsara Priory: 3 glups

Coca and Fitó Blanc 2021: 2 glups
Coca and Fitó Natura 2022: 2 glups
Jaspi Negre 2018: 2 glups
Jaspi Blanc 2022: 2 glups
Xalar vermouth: 2 glups

11 Biopaumerà

Family winery of eco and natural wines

DO Tarragona

Products / tastings

Natural and eco wines

12 Bodegues Visendra

Family winery, with products that express the complexity of the territory where we grow our vines, organic vines

DO Catalonia

Products / tastings

White Wine, Xpm, Esperant Black Sis Roure, Crystal Black Sparkling Peto Rosa Unguillem Xilla

13 Camí de Sirga

Family winery

DO Tarragona

Products / tastings

Cami de Sirga Blanc: 1 glup
Cami de Sirga red: 1 glup
La Pocavergonya: 1 glup
Comanador White : 1 glup

Comanador red: 2 glup
Ancestral Sparkling: 2 glup

13 Essència de lluna

Small winery from Terra Alta that produces 5 wines, 2 whites 2 reds and 1 rosé with native varieties of the region

DO Terra Alta

Products / tastings

Blended white wine: 1 glup

Grenache white: 2 glups
Grenache black: 2 glups

Rosé: 1 glup

1925 Carignan: 6 glups

14.15 Cap de Ruc

Celler Ronadelles is an enogastronomic project with the aim of producing wines that reflect the subtlety and character of a land. Our purpose is to transmit our passion for the Earth and Gastronomy.
Today, we are a human team dedicated to making tailor-made wines and pairings in our Espai Gastronomic Quatre Molins, awarded in 2020 with a Michelin Star. 

DOQ Priorat
DO Montsant
DO Terra Alta
DO Catalonia
DO Cava

Products / tastings

Tastings between 1 and 5 glups, depending on the wine

17 Celler Anguera Domènech

Located in the village of Darmós, characterized by its ancient wine culture. Our winery, within the DO Montsant, was born from a long family tradition. The quality in the preparation stands out for a compromise between innovative techniques and traditional processes. The old vines are rooted on a clay soil rich in minerals that give the wine an intense aroma and a warm tone.

DO Montsant

Products / tastings

Vinya Gasó 2018 (Aging Wine), Reclot 2022 (Young Black Wine), L'Únic 2021 (Monovarietal Red Wine), Reclot Rosé 2022 (Young Rosé Wine)

18 Celler Carles Andreu

Wine and cavas winery located in the Conca de Barberà. Integral developer with ECO certificate, we work with native varieties.

DO Conca de Barberà
DO Cava

Products / tastings

Cava Brut Nature Reserva, Cava Rosé Reserva, Trepat red wine, Parellada white wine

18 Celler Aixalà Alcait

Family winery since 2005 with organic production of wines and oil, from our owned estates. We are located within the DOQ Priorat in the town of Torroja del Priorat.

DOQ Priorat

Products / tastings

Wines from 1 to 4 glups

19 Agrícola Corbera d'Ebre

Agrícola Corbera d'Ebre was founded in 1959 in Corbera d'Ebre. We are currently more than 150 members who cultivate our lands working with wine, oil, dried fruit and sweet fruit.
We live and work in Terra Alta, a territory steeped in history and with a wide winemaking tradition. Our wines belong to the DO Terra Alta and our oils to the DOP Terra Alta.

Our commitment is based on the production of quality products, but also on the social return of our work.

DO Terra Alta

Products / tastings

Gamma Man White, black and pink fish: 1 glup
La Cisqueta white and black range: 1 glup
Gamma Four Twenty black: 1 glup
Alternative: 1 glup

La Muntera: 2 glups
Old Town: 2 glups

20 Mas Amfres

The new Celler Mas Amfres, located in Partida Blancafort of the terms of Reus and Riudoms, produces grapes from regenerative agriculture on wildly calcareous soil. Viticulture has recovered in an area where it had once been the main activity. It produces quality wines aimed at meeting the needs of the new gastronomic currents of the Baix Camp while offering a new, brave and local product to restaurateurs.

DO Tarragona

Products / tastings

Mas Amfres Negre 2022: 1 glup
Mas Amfres Blanc 2022: 1 glup
2023 wines in premiere: 1 glup

21 Maset

Born in the heart of the Penedès, Maset is a renowned family wine group with wineries spread across different Spanish regions, a pioneer in the direct sale of wines and cavas to the final consumer. A characteristic feature that, together with constant innovation, make it a reference in the sector.

DOQ Priorat
DO Penedès
DO Catalonia
DO Cava

Products / tastings

Maset wines and cavas

22 Celler Cesca Vicent

Celler Cesca Vicent was created in 2000 with the idea of vinifying the grapes from the Mas d'en Corral vineyards, vineyards that have been in the family for many generations. Our goal is to get good grapes from organic production and thus make an excellent wine where we can enjoy the very particular characteristics that the soil and climate of the Priorat bring to it.

DOQ Priorat

Products / tastings

Cesca Vicent 2019: 1 glup
Garnacha Negra Eg 2019: 2 sips
Lo Piot 2017: 3 Gulps
Abbot Domènech 2015: 4 Glups

Cabaler 2021: 3 Glups

23 Celler Mas del Botó

Family winery located in the Vall del Cortiella, Alforja (Baix Camp) that produces highly expressive red wines with self-harvested grapes of native varieties, Grenache, Carinthia and foreign varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon.

DOQ Tarragona

Products / tastings

Mas del Botó 2016
Mas del Botó 2019
Ganagot 2009

23 Cava Reverté

Family winery dedicated to viticulture and cavas production.

DOQ Cava

Products / tastings

2 Long aged Reverté wines brut nature

24 Celler Cal Pucolla

Small family winery where we grow, make and distribute our wine, all of them monovarietal and organic 100% cultivation.
Three white wines Coll de la Muralla Macabeu, Coll de la Muralla Brisat and Coll de la Muralla Parellada, and two red wines Coll de la Muralla Garnatxa and Coll de la Muralla Monastrell. As well as Rancid Wine and Vinegar

Products / tastings

Wines grown organically 100%

25 Celler Rialla

Celler Rialla was born from the illusion of transforming happiness into wine, we are a small, cheerful and fun winery located in Batea, Terra Alta.
Elsborem monovarietal wines 100% of Grenache, if you want to know more about us and taste the wine that bursts with a smile, visit us. 

DO Terra Alta

Products / tastings

Rialla 100% GB
Rialla 100% GN
Rialla 100% GP pink
Lo Taboll white
The Black Board

25 Canals Nadal

We are a cava founded in 1986, continuation of the legacy of winemakers and wine merchants since 1909. Antoni Canals Nadal, with the support of his children, founded the cava that bears his name.

DO Penedès
DO Catalonia
DO Cava

Products / tastings

Caves and wines

29 Influència

Different wines from the rest, an innovative and modern proposal that we want to convey through our wines. It all started as a "hobby" two and a half years ago, two wine-loving friends who have gradually grown this company. Last year we were surprised that many newspapers offered to interview us, and that's where we saw that we are on the right track and that we are really doing things right. Do you want to meet us?

DO Terra Alta

Products / tastings


29 Celler Cooperatiu El Molar

DO Montsant

Products / tastings

Black Wine Cilibantum 2021 Grenache 100%
Els 4 Sonats 2021 Car+Garn blend

30 Casa Mariol

house Mariol is a third-generation family winery located in Batea in Terra Alta.
Casa Mariol is focused on producing single-varietal wines and vermouths of fantastic quality, with a very boldly designed presentation by German art director Mirko Borsche.
Casa Mariol wines reflect our philosophy: bringing wine closer to as many people as possible, making use of its socializing power.
We want a wine without complexes, fun and accessible to everyone.

DO Terra Alta
DO Cava

Products / tastings

Casa Mariol Black Vermouth: 2 glups
Casa Mariol white vermouth: 2 glups
Casa Mariol Syrah Reserve: 2 glups
Casa Mariol Cabernet Reserva: 2 glups
Casa Mariol Merlot Child: 1 glup
Casa Mariol Samsó Children: 1 glup
Casa Mariol Grenache Black Eco: 1 glup
Casa Mariol Garnatxa Blanca Eco: 1 glup
Casa Mariol Verdejo: 1 glup
Casa Mariol Chardonnay: 1 glup
Casa Mariol Moscatell: 2 glups
Casa Mariol Mistela: 2 glup
Casa Mariol Stale wine: 2 glups

32 Caves Miquel Pons

The Miquel Pons winery has been passing on the task of caring for the vines and making wine for 250 years and several generations. They extend from the south of Arboç to the northern end of Subirats; which allows them to cultivate the various grape varieties in different geographical characteristics.

DO Penedès

Products / tastings

Arrellius white / pink / black: 1 glup

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